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Both kids did go to school today. The Boy got The Girls cough, he really only had a fever earlier this week. The Girl still has a cough and had some achy calves this evening too. She has the first dance convention of the year this weekend. With the coughs and lethargy coming from the kids today after school both missed activities and I am considering keeping them home tomorrow still too! But I still have to work! I only have 3 appointments tomorrow, though.

I hate them being sick for so long. I hate to take them in to be told that it’s a Virus let it run it’s course but I feel guilty not getting them seen by a pediatrician. Especially when a little girl in our town died last week of the flu. So I may her listening to the Girl cough in her bed when the Hubs sleeps next to .e with the Essential Oil diffuser on with the “Anti Crud Bomb” blend in the diffuser! His cough has stopped…I may drag her in here to if hers doesn’t stop too. Pretty soon I’ll have the whole family in bed and no one will sleep…must put more diffusers on my list for nights like this!


Anyway, I am going to check on the kiddos before I close my eyes for the night. I am so worried about them, I almost afraid to sleep!