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Today is the first dance convention of the year. And of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, The Girl is recovering from being sick. Sometimes she gets this “I so sad mommy, rescue me” attitude and slumpiness when she has these long days and is either sick or something. I want her to put 100% energy in and want to work hard. She is currently in a tap class dancing with her hands on her hips! It is so frustrating to see her lack of effort.

Now, I do feel insensitive because she has been sick. And if she has strep throat or pneumonia and here I am saying she needs to try harder I will fell like the worst mom ever. Or she is just tired and looking for me to rescue her. She has to learn at some point in life that people don’t always care about your story. They don’t care that you performed badly at your job because you just had a huge fight with your best friend or that your dog ran away from home or that you have been sick all week! They just care that the job you were supposed to do for them was not done well! The judges don’t know or care if you are sick. If it was an audition for a job you just have to go out there and do your best! If you can muster that energy and perform well, the way you normally do so maybe it’s not as good but the effort is there, then you known you did all you could. You left it all on the floor! You either earn the scores you want but at the very least you know that you got the most out of that performance. If you are putting only partial effort you can be guaranteed you won’t. The judges may know you’ve been sick and don’t care or they will say, “Man there is a lot of talent wasted on the floor right now!” Or “Wow, that girl tried hard, she is sick and you can tell not 100% but her effort showed she wanted it!” You get respect for that! You earn respect for that! You can feel proud for that! You have got to leave it all on the floor!

Always do your best!