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The Girl had her second day of convention today. She stated at her Grandma’s house last night so she would have a bed close. For the last 4 or 5 classes she wanted to quit. She kept saying I do t want to so the next class and I just told her you are going to keep going! I didn’t let her quit.

Lucky for her the last class was her favorite style (Lyrical) taught by her new favorite instructor. She pushed through only because I made her. I reminded her that if she would have given up, she wouldn’t have been able to do that. She wouldn’t be able to say she finished.


Each masterclass they teach them a routine and as the 45 minutes to hour goes on they start to perform or show off their routine and perform it. Today, she performed in a big way! She put on a smile (a fake one sometimes) and tried to accomplish the style taught to her. Even when she didn’t want to be there she did a pretty good job faking it. I did think there were times she could have given it more effort but she really pushed through and achieved today. I am proud.

Her solo this year is to Linkin Park’s Iridescent which is a song about over coming. It says “When your lost in desperation, you build up hope but failures all you know. Remember all that sadness and frustration and Let it go.” The “let it go” part is where you over come. I explained to her today that that is what she did today. She overcame those demons in her head saying to stop it’s too hard. She pushed through and finished. There is nothing like the feeling of getting through it and finishing. She has not faced a lot of devastating circumstances so it can be tough to show that in her dance. Today I told remember this today you “let go” of the lain and tiredness and when you did that you dancing was beautiful. When you didn’t, when you were thinking you were too tired to keep going, you could perform.

Every class today she danced, she performed, it was the best I have ever seen her perform bit it made me proud she was trying to put it out there! She is growing and learning right before my eyes.

I have asked how do you teach a child to”push through” Answer: you don’t teach that, you just don’t let them give up!