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Today was the first Tuesday in a while that I have worked the late closing shift at my bar job! I am no longer a bartender! I no longer have to work late and get up early. Today, I went to Wrestling with the boy he had a Match! He won his first bout lost the second but fought hard and did really well, especially considering he has been sick for over a week!


After Wrestling the Hubs and I moved date night to tonight! We went to watch Star War The Force Awakens! We saw it in California at Christmas time but I realized today the I fell asleep and miss a lot. So things make a little more sense now. It was a good movie! I’m glad the Hubs and I got a chance to go out tonight. We had a bit of a rough day yesterday and needed some good together time.

I am looking forward to a Wednesday with more than 4 hours of broken sleep! I plan tobget up to work out. Soon life will be normal again. The kids not home sick and my schedule the way it is going to be. There will always be things that come up to change it but for the most part normal! Hopefully you can look forward to more entertaining blog posts or at least more inspiring or wisdom filled! ….then again, maybe not! I do love my crazy life!