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The boy had another Wrestling match tonight! He has had to battle hard this season! This is his 5 th season Wrestling and he is 10 years old and weighs 58 pounds. It’s tough to find him someone to wrestle. They try to keep him with kids his age, experience level and within 2-3 pounds. The kids he has wrestled the lastvfew years are 8-10 pounds heavier than him. Then he was sick last week and lost 4 pounds. The boy is tough and I think he wrestles like he is heavier than he actually is, but there comes a point where he just runs out of strength! Where he cannot physically do what he wants because his opponent out weighs him or is that much stranger than him.

However, he has kick some butt this season. He has won only about 50% of his matches but has only really been beat once or twice! There were a few tears shed and some really negative talk from the boy the first couple matches. He has said “I sucked!” The Hubs and I have tried to lift him up and encourage him and maybe he has heard but he has finally got to the point where he can go out, wrestle hard and keep his head high even if he doesn’t win.


Today the guy who he wrestled first is really good. He has always been good and The Boy has a hard time with him but The Boy stepped up. He looked strong and didn’t back down or let it get to his head that he was giving up about 10 pounds and was getting beat by a guy bigger and stronger. The Boy held him to 2 and 0 points in the first and third round in the second the other guy scored 7 points. I was proud that The Boy never once backed down and never let his head down. I was waiting for a Rocky like come back!

The Boy is getting that power through mentality. As much as his inner spirit days I am gonna get creamed he keeps his head uo and gives it all he’s got. He is learning to work hard and leave it all out on the mat! I couldn’t be more proud of him!