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This evening the girl had her first competition performance of the year! She did great! She was asked how she felt she did after she got off stage and she said she felt really good. She should have it was a great run! However the judges were tough. She got a Gold. Here is how the awards go. They are given are based on their score by percentage. 100-98 is a Titanium, 95-97.99 is Platinum, 90-94.99 is Gold, 80-89.99 is Silver and 79.99 and below is Bronze.

The Girl always tries for a Platinum which used to be the top rank at all competitions. Most Competitions that we attend go Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver and Silver… When she here’s Gold she kind of gets deflated even knowing that at some competitions her Gold from tonight would have been a Platinum. I always try to give her just as many hugs and take as many pictures no matter what color the medal is. She was bummed. By the time I got to her after the awards ceremony she was already taking of her costume and was visibly upset. I told her she should be proud but she wasn’t having it! She did not understand that the scoring system is tough, she moved up in age group category as the judging is tough and there are A LOT of kids in her age group (11-13) all that being considered oh yeah by the way she has a tough dance. She had a couple turns that to an untrained eye looked perfect but to a judge she stepped out of and kind of fell out of a couple turns. Each time that happens judges knock off points and with only 5 points to get down to Gold… There is not a lot of room for error. She really did amazing. I hate this part of competition. She comes out of the awards defining herself by the color of the medal. And it is sad that she feels deflated with a Gold! Gold is pretty damn good!


Last year she got Platinum and this year I am pretty sure she did better performance wise, technically and creatively. She wants to hear that word Platinum!!! It’s like I tell the boy in Wrestling the outcome doesn’t matter, it’s how you feel, how you did not how the other person did or what the judges think. You go out there do your best, leave it all on the mat. For the Girl it is leave it all on the stage. If you don’t ‘win’ you learn! Use that to fuel you to get those turns and for the Boy how to defend that next time.

Honestly the Girl has always usually comes out with her best or highest rank the first competition of the year and maybe she kind of rests on those Laurels so here she can use this to fuel her to prove something…to get those turns right and nail the performance and routine! She truly is amazing, I love watching her perform I want her to feel proud without needing thebjudges to say so. I would love for her to just be able to go out and hit her moves and just know when she has a great performance. To be proud and confident and not care about the score! She mentioned “I want tobget you what you paid for” …..Wait, Hold up! I paid fornyountonjoin perform in stage and be critiqued and to get you seen by other great dancers. I laid for a convention that teaches you how to audition and be confident… I did not pay for your award. I paid for the judges opinion but not for a first place or Platinum. You earn that! But to me today I got to watch my Girl dance to inspire to break through a barrier to teach and interpret a song into movement, to draw emotion and tears from onlookers eyes! She was beautiful, she was passionate and I loved her performance! That was worth my money times 10! How do I teach her THAT is what I pay for!That is why I lay for dance, that is why she dances and she accomplished what she set out for! I could not be more impressed, wait,I will be more impressed next time she goes to rehearsal and worms on this little mistakes and gets her turns and the next competition that she nails! She is beautiful and inspiring I can’t wait to see what the future has for her! Keep up the good work Girl.

To you parents with kids in dance or any activity, help them know we don’t do it for the win! We do not for them to develop passion, to inspire, to grow and to gain confidence!!! For them to learn to always put their beat out there. To leave it all on stage and dance like no one is watching!!! We need to tell our kids that we love watching them dance, that we are proud of their performance and bravery and courage and confidence. We love them as much when they get Platinum or Gold or Silver! Dancers rock inspire and I am proud to be raising one!