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Happy Superbowl Day! Today did not feel like Superbowl Day to me! I was at the Girl’s last day of a dance convention. It was a long day. We got home at 11:30 or so last night were up by 5:30 this AM and were there at 8:00 to start the day of classes and auditions. The auditions are for scholarship awards and special event awards for auditions for jobs like Laker Girls and Scholarships for Photo shoots and for the ability to go to future conventions for free ect….

The Girl won a VIP Scholarship which is to return next year for free! Yay!!!!! She was selected to go up on stage and perform the Lyrical class routine as well, which she was beautiful in! I was frustrated earlier with her effort level in classes but it is Sunday of a long weekend and we have had back to back dance weekends! She was awesome performing and she posed for pictures on stage with her scholarship and she is please with how she did and the award she won! She is also proud of me and said I did really good when I danced with the parents tonight. They have a little parent exhibition dance that we do at the wrap show. It’s fun, and we get to get on stage and get our performance bug out! I love it when she compliments my dancing! I love watching her dance so much!

Superbowl today was Broncos vs Panthers. I was routing for Peyton


Manning the Broncos QB. I have always been a Peyton fan! I think he is the best ever. I also think he should retire after this season. He is the oldest quarterback to ever win a Superbowl and he isn’t too top shape health wise with his neck injuries and such. He also just had a rough year, it is story book ending for Peyton to go out on top! Now he has won 2 rings and won’t have to listen to the media say well, he never won another! For some reason multiple Rings make so much of a difference! Whatever!

Peyton has been there done that in all accounts time to hang ’em uo while people still remember you as being good! I am impressed and always have been with Peyton Manning! He was always surgical. He went something like 13-13 in playoffs 2-2 in the Superbowl, just think, if Tom Brady wasn’t in his conference how many more Playoff wins he would have! He also has 200 total wins ever! Most ever! He is the best to play that position but it is time to move on while he still enjoys it and while he still has a ton of fans! Beside a Hall of Fame class with him and Charles Woodson would be quite epic!

Congrats to the Broncos and all the Dance winners this weekend! I can’t wait until the next one! I love watching her dance!