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It is The Boy’s Birthday party day! His birthday was only a month ago! We are all sitting in the family room watching a Star Wars movie. The Girl went to her friends house and there are 9 boys and The Hubs here. They have had pizza cake, opened presents, played football, played video games and went in the hot tub.


I am very happy tonight with my house and heart full. I feel like a bit of a slacker. I have not figured out this whole working mom thing. I was not prepared for this party. No decorations are up, I had to go get groceries after all the boys got here and worst of all I hadn’t even made the cake. I had to buy a cake.  The boy doesn’t really care but I still feel bad. They boys here are having a good time and The Boy is enjoying it. All the kids he invited are here. I am sure he feels very happy and loved by his friends. He has great friends and the group here is great.

This is good practice for me to let go of somethings. I don’t have to Supermom it all! I just need to be present! Live in the moment and enjoy the time together with my family and friends. So far this has been a great party. I am going to go back to it and enjoy the rest of the movie and the boys!