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Woops…this was from Saturday…..
Week, today was the day I finally gave The Girl her first real massage. She got a full body massage in my office. She really liked it. I so enjoyed sharing my talent and my skill and my profession with my daughter. I also really enjoyed her being able to relax and benefit from the massage. Benefits of massage are stress relief, relaxation, sometimes a feeling of increased energy and euphoria, which The Girl experienced. She said “This week is going to be the best week ever!then she elaborated, “I am going to make this week the best ever!” If you read my blog you know this made me so happy to hear. And to think I may be encourage that happening from relaxing her and giving her a massage.

Basically I am feeling blessed. I am feeling like a good mom giving my daughter something many moms will never be able to. I can feeling a little guilty too, being that she is 11 and this is the first real massage she has gotten, real table massage anyway! They really all are real massage. She has gotten full body massages as a baby and regularly she gets me to work on her neck or shoulders when she is stiff and/or sore. So she has a long history of receiving massages. But today was the real deal in mom’s office with the music going and everything! I loved it and so did she!

Positive touch isnso important for people. Not just for kids but especially for kids. Particularly preteens and into the term years. Touch is beneficial for self esteem and feelings of acceptance and love. Hopefully it will help her to avoid bad relationships and scary situation teenagers sometimes get into! Regardless I will keep trying everything I can to give her advantage over everyone else! I love my kids and can’t wait until I get to give The Boy his first massage. I need to get the fam on a rotation! I gave the Hubs a massage recently when I had a cancellation. I love giving my family massage! It makes my heart happy!

What do you do to connect and give positive touch your family?


What are you doing