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Quote_AlwaysRecommitDontBeatYourselfUpOk, so it’s confession time! Yesterday’s blog was a new beginning and a recommitment and I failed! The Hubs worked late teaching and by the time he was home I was spent. I didn’t feel good, made excuse after excuse and he took my sexual “advance” as not a serious bid for sex, can’t blame him it was weak. So today is the new beginning! We kind of got into an argument over it but regardless we didn’t have sex yesterday! Today is a new day!

Today, actually I feel normal again. After being sick last week and kind of in a fog for a while I feel focused and in control of my life again. I am super busy at work but I kind of feel like I have a new rhythm and routine. No working at the bar tonight, no kids or husband sick, not sick myself and now I am ready to commit to this life and regain control! No more playing from behind the 8 ball, not that I really understand that analogy I don’t play much pool, but I am ready to start 2016 again! So here we go!

I had a good day, did one load of laundry (even though it is still in the dryer) cooked dinner for the fam, the house is clean-ish and I feel accomplished for the day! The kids are in bed and even got in their reading today now it is time to sit next to my husband on the couch and snuggle then mount up for some naked adult fun before we drift off to sleep for the night! I am ready for this. I know I have a lot on my plate but I am ready to conquer this thing called my life! Here we go Ruby get ready to turn this life around! I got this!