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Today is Friday! I had 18 massage appointments this week plus 2 Wrestling matches, a PeeWee football equipment meeting and a baseball team mom meeting and Dentist appointments for the kids, oh and had my Dance class (but only made one class this week) I also hand washed my car and fed my family everyday and only had Pizza once! It has been a crazy busy week! The girl hurt her knee at dance and I keep forgetting to call the orthopedic Dr about it! I do t thinknitnisnmore that bad but of it is I am going to feel so bad for ignoring it!

Bottom line is I am tired today. I had a headache from last night until today at 2 or so I finally gave in and took Alieve. I tried my EOs, got an adjustment and drank water and nothing helped. I think it may have been my body telling me I was tired and doing a lot more than normal this week. But this is what “normal” is going to be soon (or right now obviously). I am striving for 20 massages a week which is considered a full time schedule for an LMP. Our family is busy and we are involved parents! I am going to have to hire a house cleaner (and maybe even a house nanny to/do laundry and cook dinner do they have those?) I am busy but honestly the house is not too disastrous surprisingly enough!Especially considering I am the only one who does laundry and dishes unless my mom babysits early enough that she is not too tired to fold laundry ( I love that about her) this week she had time to fold my clothes when we were on Date Night!

I really am enjoying my job and my life lately. I feel good about myself. Work is going well the kids are doing awesome (The Girl just got two awards today at school and The Boy took two reading tests to meet his monthly reading goal!) Blogging is going well-ish too! I am writing this one in bed while the Hubs snores next to me. We are sexing inthe morning because tongiht as we went to bed I was working on his knee and started rubbing his back too and he got that sleepy look so I asked him and he said yes let’s do that, the alarm is set for early, it’s Wrestling End of Season Tournament Day! But we are going to get up even earlier do “It” (lol I said “do It”)

Things are going well in the Earl household here! Loving life enjoying family and making it all work! Good night folks!