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The boy got third in his tournament today. This tournament they break them down into brackets of 4. He won his first match then most the next two. He lost to kids who not only weighed 10% more than he but were really good! He wrestles hard, did a great job, I am so proud even though he didn’t get the win! He was bummed but after chatting after the matches today I think he finally realized that in a few years he’ll be Wrestling in school and be against kids his own size. Hopefully he can learn from these tough losses and just keep getting tougher and better!


After Wrestling tonight the Hubs and I went out to dinner and a movie with some other couples. Parents from football and assistant coaches from football. It was so nice to hang out with other couples. We saw the movie Deadpool, so funny! No way are we letting our boys watch that anytime soon! Was so good to hang out with other adults that we enjoy being around and our kids get a long too! Great night, now we have to go get the Boy from their house since our normal babysitter (my mom) had plans tonight. Good thing the older sister agreed to let him come hang with her brother, hopefully they didn’t annoy her too much!