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Life better at the lakeSo the Hubs just told me about a house in my dream neighborhood. On the lake that really good friends of ours live on. We could paddle over to each others house! And now he wants me to not be obsessed with it! It is on a good size piece of property, and it has a dock and a hot tub and a beautiful kitchen! The layout of the house in the pictures may be slightly weird but you really can’t tell much from pictures! The outside and the kitchen alone sell me. Although it comes at a price that I am not sure we could afford. The fact that I already am working make it easier to do this now versus a year ago but really…it is so unknown and scary to think of all that goes into possibly moving paying twice as much for mortgage than we already do…maybe who knows how to even calculate that anymore!

It is really dreamy. A big yard and it is on an acre! Which is about triple or quadruple the size of our current property. But, we would have to sell our first home! The home we brought our babies home from the hospital to. The home we slept in the night before we got married and the night after and every night since then. We would no longer be around the corner from school, technically we would be at different schools unless I drove them to school which might and/or could happen. It has a separate shop/garage which may be able to convert to a little place for the inlaws to stay when they come to this side of the state. They may actually come stay with us with that much space. It would make a beautiful property for the Hubs and I to renew our vows in a few years and we could host our own reception because we would have room. We could have a boat on the lake. We would have water to look over on. We also would have a hot tub right by the lake that we could jump into right after we do a polar bear jump on New Years day…. The hardest thing would be trying to decide who’s lake house to have the BBQs at with our group of friends!

Ok yes I am getting a bit obsessed! I am going to put this in the hands of the universe. A little divine intervention here would be nice one way or the other some information on the property to get us informed if it is even viable for me to think that we could actually swing it and/or afford it or want to. I would love to just go look at the place, then see the negative things that may deter us. The Hubs tends to go to those places to keep him from getting hopes up like I do, or maybe he does that to keep me from getting all giddy about it! It doesn’t work, I still get giddy and all dreamy for my “dream home” a sweet kitchen and nice yard on the lake is enough for me! The Hubs wants perfect everything…That what keeps me in check! I just want to go look at it, maybe just walk through it….

Anyway, with in the next few days the Hubs will either just not talk about it again or he will say, yeah let’s go look. Then we will decide if it is something that works for us now or not… Ok, now that I blogged about it I have processed my thoughts and don’t need to obsess about it for the next few days. (Hopefully) Maybe just a look or two at the photos and probably a phone call to my friend that I may be paddling over to her house this summer to say hi! She will dream with me and talk about it with me and that way the Hubs doesn’t stress about it when I talk about it.

Time to go back and try not to obsess or think about touring that house. I will just daydream…