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So I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. I had a busy day at work was there late, then watched a bad Disney Channel Movie with the kids before the Hubs got home. The Hubs worked late too. Then today was busy as well. Although, we didn’t have to be anywhere until 1:00. We went out to the field and tossed a baseball around and threw some BP for the kids. Then it was the Wrestling End of Season Party, Baseball practice for the Boy, where the Girl and I helped put logos on the players batting Helmets, then went to dinner with the Family.

After dinner we headed to a friends house to watch the UFC fights. During the fights the Boy climbed on my lap and shared the chair I was sitting in. So I got some free cuddle time with my not so “little” little 10 year old boy! That doesn’t happen much anymore! It was great!

Now we are heading home. The Hubs and I were going to go out but he has to go in to work tomorrow for a couple hours and Grandma has a full house and we just aren’t “feeling it” so why go spend money going out when we can go home spend time just the two of us enjoying each other. Hopefully it will include more than just staring at the TV and falling asleep on the couch!

I don’t know about the Hubs but I miss our friends we used to go out with and hang out with. We had a great group we would meet up sing karaoke have a few drinks, dance, chat, sometimes we would stay home and sit around a fire chatting and sometimes play the Wii or Kinect games after hours. I miss the fun and friends and time together! We need to make an effort to get our group back, those that still live here anyway…

Well, for now tonight, maybe I will challenge the Hubs to a Wii tennis game…strip Wii Tennis! Or Kinect adventure… Whatever we do we need some fun and laughter and good sex to follow!!!  I’m ready!