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Happy Sunday!Investment of Knowledge Today I worked on the computer to complete a correspondence CEU course to keep my Lisence and insurance current. I am an AMTA member so I have to do more than double what the state requires but it is due soon. The Hubs also did his 8 hours of CEUs today in about an hour. It was a course he has taken before and his is free and it took him and hour to get 8CEUs. I am required to do 12 CEU hours a year, his is required 8 hours every 2 years. My 2 hour course cost me $60, his was free. So not fair! For the AMTA we have to submit every 4 years. I have about 16 hours more that I have to do before the end of the month. I would prefer to do live courses but it is hard for me to get the time and spend the money. Nothing has appealed to me that worked with my schedule that was not sold out.  I get 1 CEU per hour in a live class so a weekend class I can get up to 24 hours for a three day weekend and it will cost anywhere from $300-$500 some are up to $800 or more depending on the specialty! It is so expensive but a necessary evil! It usually is good knowledge and I am grateful for the education I get out of every class I take. The state requires a certain amount of live classes as well as a certain amount of ethics training. I need to take time off work to get it in and it costs me money to do it. Sometimes I learn a service I can raise my fees for but usually it is a new technique that adds to my career but not to my paycheck. It costs me about $1000 or more a year to be licensed. It takes me more than 2 weeks to make that.

One thing this week I had an idea to expand my business. Right now I am an employee at the Chiropractic office that I work at. I am considering taking at least one day a week to start with and doing corporate massage. I want to get accounts or contracts with companies to offer massage to their employees. I could offer seated or table massage. If the corporation has a conference room or an empty office or classroom or something that is private I can take my table and do 50 minute full body massages. They would be away from their desk for an hour but the place of employment would gain be productivity, better morale, an added benefit that they could use to keep and even recruit better employees and it would only cost the price of the massage. I was thinking if I go to a business there would be a travel fee as it takes time to drive to the location and time to set up and breakdown costing me on average about an hour the travel fee would probably be anywhere from $15-$50, haven’t decided, this is a very new idea not thought out much. Then there would be the cost of the massages. I think I would probably have a minimum amount of massages, as well as a maximum. But, normally I charge $60 per massage I would possibly consider dropping the price to companies signing contracts for regular appointments maybe if they schedule 4 or 5 massages possibly $50 per massage.

The point of this business would be for me to start a business that I could hire employees. I would do more “working on” the business not so much in the business. I need a plan, a business plan and marketing plan, what to I pay employees, how to get contracts ect… first I must talk to the Doc I work for to let him know I am considering this business adventure and that it is not a conflict of interest since I will be doing corporations and if I gain personal clients they will be coming to my office that I already pay him commissions. I need time to sit an plan this, I probably need to talk to a business attorney and get a business license.

I want my business to become a household name. If only in the town that I live and work in, I want to be great and make money and relax and relieve pain and stress! I want my corporate clients to offer massage as benefits. For smaller businesses it would be a great recruiting tool. Especially the health benefits and prevention of work injuries and boost in morale massage would create for those companies! I can do this! This is a great idea I will be successful with it. I just need to plan it and make smart business decisions and start off right. Not give up before I get started and be prepared to follow through with it! I can do it!!!

Time for me to remove myself from in front of this computer my eyes are playing tricks on me from being in front of this screen for so long today! At least I have an excuse for typos today…I can’t see!

Time for some sexy time with the Hubs!