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be strong MondayI am working on day 5 of an off and on headache! AND, Over the weekend I gained 3 pounds. I have been a little lax with my nutrition then I realized my headaches may be related to nutrition (too much sugar). I started getting them more often a few weeks ago when I was on antibiotics, I would eat bread with Nutella on it in the morning so that my medication didn’t upset my stomach.

So, since then I have been eating more bread and carbs and this weekend between the Girl Scout Cookies, Wine, Drinks, Jelly Beans and Cadbury Mini Eggs. I also have not been exercising so I am taking this Monday to have my last bowl of Ice Cream, finish off the Jelly Beans and Mini Eggs and refocus for tomorrow. I will be getting up early and working out with Shaun T doing Cize! Who wants to join me? (I will also get an adjustment tomorrow too!)

Now it’s time to pour that last glass of wine, dish up the ice cream and get ready for the Hubs to get home from work and have some sexy time! I think I will take my pants off and leave them on the floor by the refrigerator. He hates it when things are not put away but he loves seeing my clothes on the floor! Happy Monday!