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planningToday has been a busy day. Between work, school, kids activities, dinner making and Pee Wee volunteerism I have been on the go! I have a lot of things in the works. Takes a lot of time and it is hard for me to keep everything straight! Lots of notes and details that I keep hoping not to forget.

After work this afternoon I called about getting some new PeeWee gear bids and hopefully by this Thursday at the meeting I will have samples to present to the rest of the board. Then I met the new Chiropractor in my office for a massage and some business chatting and planning some marketing strategies. Then came home to meet a friend with the Hubs about FINALLY doing our bathroom upgrade! There are so many exciting things happening here in the Earl household.

We are finishing the bathroom then going to either refinance or decide to sell the house and purchase our dream house or dream property. We are in a state of planning. The Hubs HATES planning. There are so many unpredictable things that may come up that you can’t control. I love planning!!! I love thinking of new things happening. I love the idea of change and things going better and being great. I love the idea of adventure! I can dream up so many different things in the planning stage anything is possible!! You don’t have to consider what is possible or what is reasonable I love the brainstorming and the “wouldn’t it be great if…..” conversations. The Hubs hates the “wouldn’t it be cool if….” conversations because he is a realist and he sees dollar signs and physics. I am a dreamer and somewhere in my head I think that just maybe there will be a possibility that it can happen…gravity? Eh, we can overcome that!!!

So I am stoked after our meeting I am excited to look at tiles and pick out shower heads and dream of colors and counter tops! I am loving the idea of maybe a date night out to look at these things and pick out colors and plan what floor we will stand on to take showers from now on. I really enjoy these moments when we get to the stage that the Hubs will have these conversations with me because once it becomes a reality then he is all in and really enjoyable to chat about it with! Lots of planning in the near future I am excited for this little journey. I hope the Hubs can handle my little outbursts of “WHAT ABOUT _________, THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.” I know most of my outbursts are just crazy dreams only possible on unlimited budgets but I have a hard time containing them they just come out sometimes! I get so excited!

I just suggest we all dream a little more and let the mind expand. Sometimes it is fun to just dream and somewhere in those unrealistic dreams comes some things that are good ideas and creative answers for problems that one day will not be indulgences but convenience and common…maybe someday! Stretch you mind and dream…. (SMILE)