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Frustrating Hump Day for me. I have been home for about 2 whole hours from work (yes I worked Kate and got home at 8:15ish) and have had enough time to scrounge up some food pepperoni bites, an orange and a handful of chocolate chips for dinner, massage the Hubs’ hurting back (only to cause more pain, Fucking escalator work has him all fucked up) and then get in an argument with him about why I was irritated as we went to bed when I was putting dishes on the dishwasher. I wasn’t going to say anything because I didn’t want to start and argument or be bitter. I also know he is hurting and that makes everyone cranky and less motivated to do anything even if that is asking the kids to clean up the dinner mess…. But of course he wouldn’t believe me when I said “nothing” so that started the argument.


I know he is hurting and that causes more irritability and causes people to be more sensitive. (See graphic) I too am sore I had a long day and as I am everyday tired and achy and sore, but I have no one to work on my back. I wasn’t going to say anything when he asked me what was wrong but I kind of went off. “Oh you know I always like to do the dishes for the meals that I don’t even prepare or eat!” The biggest reason it bothered me was that I am always guilted with him saying that I should clean up “my mess” when I make dinner. I don’t care that he doesn’t help as much as I am tired of being told that the house is a mess and needs XY or Z done! I was just trying to say that but apparently I had a tone!

We skipped date night because his back is hurting I tried working on it but as I pressed down on the area he said it hurt, he jumped! I cannot diagnose from just pressing on the area but from experience it has me worried that it is more than a muscle tired from twisting and over using it in bad positions for too long today. He got up early drove over an hour both directions, worked on cleaning down escalators which has him in really awkward positions lifting heavy steps and stuff, his work truck has shitty ergonomics, so between whatever he did today to tweak his back coupled with the drive he is in pain. He did get an adjustment today but he said it didn’t go this new pain today.

Then my massage didn’t help, the we got in an argument and now he is sleeping with his side of the sleep number bed cranked all the way up hoping to wake up pain free. As I sit here sad that we argued, sad that I couldn’t get his hell for a Hump Day Challenge and even more sad that we didn’t Hump on this Hump Day!!! Today’s Challenge: Hump your lover, and send us good vibes!

I just wish he understood I want my hands to fix his pain and it frustrates me when they don’t.