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Good morning!!! We are sitting here at the B&B in our room enjoying the view and snow on the ground. I am lounging on the bed watching the fire. This bed is really cool! It is a 4 post bed, wish we would have brought the bondage kit, there are a lot of places and ways to tie one up with this. I did bring one scarf…might have to buy a new one in town.


My view from where I sit in my room.

I am excited to have a weekend away. I have already opened up my mind in my writing again. Funny thing, a friend sent a message to me yesterday asking of a hotel with a Jacuzzi tub. She said they just wanted to get away for the night. Apparently they have been doing a lot of Love and Washing Clothes but needed some privacy and spark for Sex. She later sent “It’s nice I can ask you random questions and know you won’t judge.” Obviously, I don’t judge, ever. You go get it girl, I am happy for you. Good sex of any kind is great for relationships and marriages!

What’s funny is (no it’s kind of sad) in my real life sometimes I am a bit shy. Not prudish at all but I am definitely more comfortable behind the keyboard than in real life. The Hubs doesn’t get that. I am afraid of people judging me! I worry sometimes being a massage therapist and mom what people would say of they knew I was talking openly about sex and Anal play and toys ect. But then I realize that is a very prudish and judgemental mindset and if they want to judge me like that, Fuck them! If I was distributing sex advice to teenagers or children or mailing out pamphlets that would be different. I am trying to support adult relationships here. Good sex can save your marriage!

There are so many reason to relax and enjoy sex! There is no reason to be ashamed and there are so many reasons to get more suggestions advice and help. Let’s face it, you’re not talking about lube or sharing exciting stories of experiences for suggestions of new positions when your watching your kid’s baseball game! So you read Sex Love and Washing Clothes, I share and give suggestions and you can also read some comments from other readers and we all can learn and get more comfortable and confident in our sex life!!