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It feels good to be heading out of town for a little weekend away! The Hubs will be working, however, it still will be a nice escape. He is helping out a buddy with a house project. I hear there is snow where we are going. Not sure I am prepared for that but I am sure there are heaters and blankets in our room at the B&B we are staying.

I have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. I am excited. I called our friend to see if they can set The Hubs up with a little surprise in our room because it is his Birthday on Sunday!! I didn’t think about it until this afternoon. I also told him it was no big deal so no worries. We’ll see what he comes up with, if anything. If I would have thought about it I could have made a sign to hang in the room or on the door with a little care package! But oh well. That’s the normal crazy Ruby shit that I do, think of after the fact or too late.

It’s about a three hour drive. I am a bit nervous, is a Bed and Breakfast just a big house? Or is it actually like a hotel? I hope the walls aren’t paper thin. The Hubs and I plan to test out some new lube in the Jo Premium line. They have a huge selection of products now and even sell some supplements and cosmetic type stuff. We just selected two this time. We have All Natural Organic Lube with Chamomile to try and a new type of water based Anal Lube…oops here I go being TMI again. Most of you don’t mind and many of you probably miss that from when I first started, right? Well, Jo Premium has redone their whole line of products. New packaging, new products and options, ingredients and all. Our local sex megastore has been redone. It is not as much of a “Megastore” any longer it is much smaller and feels more boutique-y. Which is nice, especially for shy girls like me. So the new Jo line anchors it over on the side wall. Right before you get to all the Higher end toys!

FYI, the new Anal toy that I wrote about yesterday was nice. We brought it with us in the suitcase. (No leaving it on the nightstand here!) Anyway, I am hoping for a safe trip we have about an hour left or so to drive. Can’t wait to experience a Bed and Breakfast see some old friends (including one of my besties who I miss desperately) It will be a great weekend trip. Quick but much needed weekend away!