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Birthday PresentToday is the Hubs’ birthday! Happy Birthday Hubs!!! I usually make a cake or try to plan a birthday celebration of sorts but we have been busy and we had planned a weekend away. The Hubs had planned to help a friend of ours at his property, we also plan to go to Portland as well. I think we are going to go to Portland or a weekend trip to just relax in a few weeks. It was a nice trip though.

However I do feel like I should have done more for the Hubs for his birthday. I am pretty sure he doesn’t mind. Everyone likes to get special attention, but the Hubs really doesn’t like a fuss made about him. He really doesn’t like a fuss made at all be it him or someone else or something else. He just likes what he likes and wants to be with people he enjoys and those he loves.

Honestly he would rather have a fuss made of him in the bedroom. His specific request is usually anal. He will be happy having birthday sex, especially if he gets to lay back and not have to start the party. He likes taking care of me, and getting me going and is very good at it! He is the sexually driven of the two of us, it takes me a little to get going. So with it being his birthday I plan to take charge in the bedroom! I will do things that he likes as well as things that I know get me going so we are both in it together! He is already excited for birthday sex but really he is excited everyday for sex.

When it comes to birthdays, there are so many couples that have certain birthday sexual favors, be it blow jobs, anal sex, things that are less desirable for one of the two. But for us we do all of those things all of the time (he wouldn’t say all the time but it is not just for birthdays), so on birthdays I still try to do some things differently. I try to make him feel special and let him relax and enjoy. Most of the time I go over the top in performance and/or preparations (not this year) something like buying lingerie that he would rather see on the floor… He doesn’t need much from me. It’s funny though, I usually do a bit more of what I like he doesn’t need the extras, not that he doesn’t like it! I think we are all like that we do for others what we want from them.

Well, I am off to go spend the last few “pre-bedroom” hours with him and being present. Then it will be turn on the computer pull up the porn and make him feel special the way only I can. Or maybe I will do a little strip tease and dance for him and let him lay back as I dance over him and then on him with him inside of me….. We’ll see probably a bit of everything…