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Happy Monday! Hopefully you had a great Monday! Mine was once again busy! I am sitting at home waiting for the Hubs to get here. He teaches in the apprentice program on Monday Nights! I had 5 massages, got the kids to and from school and then had my Modern Dance class now it’s couch time waiting for the Hubs.


As you may have noticed this weekend I am trying to focus more on sex in my relationship. Monday nights are a good opportunity for me to be “right here waiting” for him. Lately I have been so tired and have a hard time getting motivated because Monday is always so packed! So I am trying to sit here with motivation and get an idea of what to do. Something different. I have old Hump Day Challenge rolling through my head. Well, I think I am going to be naked if I sit here in corner of the couch with my legs spread he won’t be able to resist licking my sweet pussy, right?

Ok going to turn up the heat strip off my clothes and wait! He doesn’t have to be super early to work but this way we will get the action started right away and still not be up super late! Going to get drinks poured and be ready for the man.