So the other day I was chatting with the person I hired to make a logo for my massage business and she asked who is your target market? My first response was people interested in health and wellness and fitness. I kind of rambled a bit but it came out that moms are my target. She had to convince me of this one being a good idea after the fact too. She said you have to have a target. You get those people’s attention and they will tell everyone else they know.

In BNI today we were tasked with telling a story that will make people cry. My story was about self care about people who walk in my office and can barely move and walk out chatting and smiling because they feel better. Then talking about how we tend to neglect our selves and our families especially those who have a business and those who take care of others for a living. Mom’s tend to out the kids, the husband,the house, their job and friends before them. They feel guilty going to the gym and/or going to get a massage for an hour and then spending the money on them. I used to say to moms in my momand fitness class “Your child’s mom deserves to be taken care of” for some reason when you look at it like that it makes you feel better. Why has self care become such a luxury eyes of us moms?
It is important to take care of ourselves. This body we have is the only one we get! We need to teach our kids that taking care of self is the most important and how important it is to be you best advocate for health. This is why moms are my target. I want to help teach this phenomena and hopefully end the self destructive behavior of putting everyone else’s needs above our need to be healthy in our own body!