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Opening Day for Little League today! Across the country and probably even the world all Little League organizations celebrated Opening Day. This year The Girl sang the National Anthem. She did great. She was so sweet and sounded so sweet. She got a lot of compliments. The Boy’s team played their first game. They lost, The Boy did great at the plate, had a few errors in the outfield. It was a good game!

After baseball we drove to look at a car to replace my mom’s car for her. She needs a new car. The Hubs and I want to help her out but kind of don’t. We don’t have a whole lot of money to help her. It makes it tough for us to decide what to do and how much to spend. Especially since her record with cars is to trash them. She doesn’t take very good care of her vehicles. But she drives our kids to and from practices more than occasionally so it important for her to have a safe car! Unfortunately the car we went to look at was not good. It is hard to find a nice car for under $3000. Hopefully soon we will!

After a day outside at baseball then driving over an hour to look for a car and driving back I am tired! It’s Saturday night though and that means I want to get freaky with my husband but I’m so tired! I need to grab a Rockstar drink or something and rally. I don’t know if we should go out or just stay home because if we go out chances are we (me) will get amped up while visiting with friends and then crash on the way home. Might be best to stay in and rally at home! We’ll see what the Hubs wants to do. This whole “adulting” with kids and trying to take care of Grandma too is tough and tiring. I want to dance and party and hang with my man and then fuck like we are 21…. But we are a bit older with preteens who are very active which means we are at the busiest parenting age! I will not give in though! We will keep our spark alive if it kills me (and it may) but for tonight…no excuse but fucking a little bit freaky!