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We have a very close friend who has had juvenile diabetes since he was young. He has needed a pancreas and kidney transplant for a while. He got the call Friday that there was a donor went in Saturday and had the 6-8 hour surgery. This after many false alarms where he got the call on my to find out the organs were not good enough. As of this morning his new pancreas was already making insulin. Then this evening they had to give him insulin and checked his heart due to low blood pressure. I am so worried but so hopeful and thankful.

Our friend is so close to not being able to live a full life. Then someone who’s life ended to soon saved our friend. I cannot even express how thankful I am and so many of our friends are. This whole community is thankful. This friend is a coach to so many children in this community. He is a teacher and means so much to so many. I can’t even imagine…

I am just so thankful. If you are not yet, register to be an organ donor. So many possibilities you could help someone else and their families of you as they say “recycle your body”