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Today was the Boy’s teacher’s last day. He is following his dream and accepted a position training to be a fire fighter. He has a great teacher! He had the Girl in 4th grade too! I didn’t cry!!! But I almost did. It is sad to see a great teacher move on to greener pastures! It is more scary for those of us left behind not knowing who will take his place. Apparently the teacher has been wanting this for years but it was put on hold a while back when his wife got cancer. She has recovered now and he and his family can follow their dreams.

The class is not so happy. I am not so happy. This teacher is perfect for my son and for the rest of the class. He is very strict which this group really needs they are a little crazy. One teacher one year called them wiggly. I will miss this Teacher!

This week was kind of tough! Between my friend having life saving and life changing surgery, the news of the teacher leaving, I have been emotional and needing a good cry! I have held back but the flood gates are going to break at some point. I did cry a bot after we got home from school today. It confuses the kids. They see me cry when The Hubs and I fight and something is wrong. They don’t get the “I just need a good cry” answer. It tough being tough sometimes.

Well a good cry or good sex or a good laugh. A good emotional release would be nice. The Hubs and I are headed out for an impromptu date night maybe that will lead impromptu Attitude adjustment sex! Bring in the grape vodka!!