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So today we went to look at the lake house I’ve been day dreaming about. I absolutely loved the house especially the kitchen was AMAZING! I really like it. However, it not our dream home. The Hubs is very particular and like specific things done specific ways. The house had Vinyl siding which was a draw back for him. There were also a few others, the garage door was only a 10 foot door, the end of the lake that the house is on has Lilly pads so you couldn’t even get a boat to your dock with out having to flush the engine a lot or risk getting weeds in your prop.

All in all I am glad we went to see it. I am sad it was not perfect for us. I am glad that we now know and I can stop daydreaming (yeah right) about where the kids will go to school next year and having a lake party this summer! It also gives us a chance to get our house in order. We really need to do some stuff to our house. We have our bathroom to finish, some issues with the exterior of the front of the house by the chimney out front.

Looking at a new house helps you realize the things you have that you like and the things you can do differently at your house. The Hubs and I sat on the front step of our house today trying to decide what to do with our yard. We have some curb appeal type upgrades to do. We are waiting to meet with our friend about the bathroom and then the chimney and front of the house project.  Then maybe refinance if there is not another lake house that catches our eye. Or should I say “My” eye.

We will stay content for now in our happy first home! Until we find a “perfect” reason to up and move or are really ready to go somewhere else! This way we can enjoy our date nights and dinners out. I can hire a house cleaner and not feel scared that it too much money to spend. Here’s to living life and not wishing it away! Love the life you live.