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Today is Easter! Resurrection Sunday. I grew up going to church and every Easter we would do the Sunrise service some we did an Easter Play. Jesus died in the cross for our sins and the he Rose on the third day. I now don’t go to church but still believe but not sure what or how much of it. Yes. All you Christians that is probably considered blasphemy but in my heart I just don’t know. I have prayed, a lot recently and feel they have been answered but others have not. I have a hard time with rejection so when a “prayer” is unanswered or I don’t get what I asked for I feel like maybe God is not real. The first thing I think when a prayer is answered is “Thank you Jesus!”

Anyway my family doesn’t really “celebrate” Easter but we do sometimes get together for family dinner and say the words happy Easter. The Hub’s family doesn’t believe but my family always did. So it is hard for me to not to. Every year Indo a subtle celebration. I’ll buy thenkids a nooks and a little basket, one year I bought them laundry baskets and blankets. This year, nothing. No egg hunt, nothing. I toil in my own head with what tondo or not to do. The Hubs is a scrooge about any Holidays and I live any reason to celebrate and give gifts and decorate ect!!!

This year we had an Easter dinner, stocked up candy dishes, and had Cadbury Eggs on the table settings. The Hubs made is amazing Prime Rib and we also got a Chocolate Cream Pie and the In-laws came over! It was a nice family day. The Eater story the Crucifixion and Resurrection story is no where in sight. Howndo I teach my kids the story and let them decide the truth? I have to decide the truth for myself.

For now I will just enjoy the day we had together hanging out and chatting and chilling together. It is nice to just let the kids play two square outside, they helped with some minor yard work The Boy flew his Droin and the Hubs got it stuck in the roof and had to hoist the Boy up there to rescue it! We just had some good chat time after dinner around the table too. Was a nice day.

The meat was yummy in our tummy and I took this photo of it. There is a lot of Love when you Husband gives you a big serving of meat… Pun intended I am hoping that I get his big man meat tonight (however he is snoring on the couch next to me) he doesn’t usually fall asleep on the couch, he must be tired but hopefully no too tires for some sexy time in a few. Good night folks!