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I don’t get to do this very often any more but I am sitting watching baseball practice, and blogging. I love watching my son and his team play and even practice! I love this “chore” I miss doing it all the time. Now that I work I only take time off for the games, but today I got to come watch. I love this part of being a mom!!! Back to practice now!


When I am not at work I am cooking dinners, cleaning house and running kids around! Today, I got to enjoy the running them around by stopping to watch, when I didn’t have to be there to keep score or to do anything except watch! Now I get to go dance then go home and clean and then Monday night sext time with the Hubs!

Today is a good Monday, oh and the Sun is shining! It is a good day! What are you doing for you today? I am dancing. At least try to take a moment and breath just for you and your soul!