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Today I finalized the logo for my Massage Therapy company/business/brand. The Hubs thinks I’m crazy because I am currently still an employee but what a lot of people who don’t work in this industry or any industry like this is that you are your “brand” people don’t come to see your employer they come to see you. I want my clients to come to their massage appointment and remember my name. I know they will remember my massage. I know I am good but in 5 years when the lady in the car accident has some back pain I want her to think of me and search my name or business name, not the Chiropractor I work for. I know my hands sell my massage. There are a lot of really great massage therapists out there, how does one remember me over the others? That’s why I wanted to and decided to create a logo and an identity for my business, my brand. One day I will be the massage therapist that everyone in town knows of, even if they haven’t met me. One day I would like to have a clinic where I can train up and mentor new massage therapists who have a passion for helping people the same way I do! I want to change the world with the word relax! That’s why I crated a brand and I am excited for this next step in my business.

Today mantra is to just go where it takes you. I always plan and have a goal, not that I don’t but there is a big part of me that knows there is greatness coming and I just have to follow my passion and my heart and it will be. I have to stop worrying about controlling the future because I think I am constricting it! I have faith and I will do this and it will be great, both financially and emotionally! I am ready for this new ride!