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I have ahead ache! It is spring break, so routine is messed up. I did not eat a good breakfast then at lunch time the Girl had Physical Therapy for her knee and I didn’t get a good lunch  either. In between all of that I had 4 massages today. I went back to work for my last massage I started to feel it coming on. I have been working out and my upper back is tight ( more than normal) so between everything it sets a prime condition for me to get a head ache. My glasses ey dirty from my hair when I am looking down and doing massage so I take then off and that adds to my head pain as well!


I know better than to not have a good breakfast. I usually start with at least a Shakeology if I don’t have time to make eggs or some other high protein meal like cottage cheese. If I don’t get breakfast then I don’t usually drink enough water then when busy, like today, I don’t have the energy to make a healthy lunch so I just eat what’s easy and it’s sets in effect this bad cycle. That if I don’t catch it early enough ends with a headache especially if I eat too much sugar. This should be a good lesson to myself to eat healthier. Too much sugar gives me a headache.

So I need to take this lesson and learn to fuel my body and my mind. We all do! Eat healthier, get good rest, exercise and drink enough water (half your body weight in ounces if water).  I did have left over Parmesan chicken from last night and that seems to have helped my headache. However this screen is not helping. Go eat a healthy snack!

*This message is brought to you by my head ache!*