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Was sitting in my new car (Pearl) while the Hubs was pumping gas. This guy drove by staring I was getting concerned he was the second car to drive by slowly looking my direction. I was thinking WTF people?!


Then I realized they were checking out my car! It was a pretty cool feeling to have the car that makes people turn and look. Not that it means anything but it makes me feel proud of myself and our family.

The Hubs and I have worked hard to be able to afford our life the way we want it and the way we live it. We were talking tonight about how we hope this resonates with the kids. That they will see that we work hard to have a comfortable life. We planned ahead, we saved and worked hard, we waited for the right time to buy this car. We have always lived within our means and can still put away for retirement. We have been and will continue to plan well enough to be financially secure. That’s one reason we took so long to purchase this car and why we don’t live in a giant house on the lake, yet, and why our kids don’t get the newest coolest toys every time they ask and why we don’t buy swag everywhere we go when we go to events and such.

One day we will get that house on the lake but we will do it right. We will be patient and not over extend our selves. It is fun to have nice things that make people turn their heads but it is more fun to be able to enjoy the life you have. Love the life you live and live the life you love. It takes time and planning and skill to get to the place we are at, it doesn’t happen by accident and it is accessible to everyone. It just takes work!

Put in the work!