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How do you feel about “hair down there”? I am not a fan!! I have been getting Brazilians since 1998. Brazillians were first introduced in this country in 1987! I love smooth skin down there! I am not a waxing snob, if you prefer to shave that is just fine. I am just so not a fan of hair down there on me or on him.

This subject came up because it has been a while since I was waxed. I have been seeing the same esthetician for years but she is a ways away so it takes at least half a day to get to her. I have been too busy with work to take that much time off. And to change waxing person is worse than changing hair people! She sees you in your worse and most intimate ways. I miss my girl, but I finally bit the bullet and found someone who will do it here in town. This girl sugars, not waxes. Bottom line, my pussy is smooth and I am one happy girl! I even used to wax when I was 9 months pregnant a co-worker learnjng to be am esthitician at the time said to me “Ruby, why do you even do this you can’t even see it?!” She assumed the Hubs was the reason but he’s not. He doesn’t mind at all. I don’t feel sexy when I am not waxed, I feel frumpy and fat!

Well yesterday, folks, I got sugared. Just as smooth as waxing but apparently it’s more natural than waxing. Today it is a bit painful but nothing that will not be soothed when the Hubs runs his tongue up and down it later!

The reason I am writing about this is for you to check in with your lover, if you haven’t already. Do you feel sexier with a smooth nether region? Then make that shit smooth! If your mate would prefer you to be smooth don’t be scared go get waxed or sugared or just simply shave! You will probably enjoy what you get out of it!


On another side note, Vajazzeling is something I desire to figure out! I am so wanting to vajazzle! One day my pussy will be sparkle, but for now it is smooth and I am happy. I am here to say let you nether regions be what makes you feel sexy!!! You need to be happy and confident with how you look naked, this is a big step!