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Happy end of the weekend. Oh sad!

less stress more sexThis weekend has been pretty calming and relaxing for the Hubs and I! The kids have been gone with Grandparents since Wednesday. I had a long day at work on Friday but since then it has been very relaxing. We had no schedule this weekend. We went to a detail shop where they had a car show, then drove the new car around to get help break in the engine. We took it easy yesterday. Then today we did some work around the house before the kids got home.

It’s amazing how not having a schedule is so affective on you sense of relaxation. It was very nice to get some stuff done around the house without having to finish in time for {fill in the _____}. The Hubs did some outside yardwork and I worked on some deep cleaning inside. It is nice to get stuff done on your own schedule. It sucks because it has to be done anyway but it is definitely nice to be able to go at my own pace for once. Which my cleaning pace it not very fast but it was nice to make progress! Then when the kids got home they folded clothes and got that task done too, YAY!

This weekend felt very productive, it was but really maybe I have such a positive feeling because the Hubs and I got in some pretty good sex too. We had morning sex both Saturday and Sunday. I know this may be TMI but that is not new for this blog. I know this weekend was productive but it’s not like we have been working and accomplishing a lot everyday just been on chill mode everyday. Maybe it is that euphoric and positive energy that is the byproduct of good sex. Who knows, does it matter? No. I think it is a little bit of both. Oh to have a calmer life and no schedule and be able to be in chill mode all the time…I guess that might be what retirement feels like!

Moral of the story:  Have more sex!