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It is so late on Saturday night of a Dance Competition weekend. Yesterday it was an early start with the Girl’s first competition dance, her solo performed at 1pm. Then there were classes at 7:15-9:15 then we drove home which takes about 40 minutes. We also stopped to get a blizzard so we got home pretty late. But the girl had fun learned some in a new class. Then today had to be up and out of the house by 6:30am. Convention started this morning at 7:45 for dancing that lasted 6 hours. Then a 2 hour break or so and competition started again at 5pm ish. Then final awards were at 11:00.

sleepy blogIt has been super busy these last few days. Today I was hanging with the moms and had a good time just hanging out and learning about each other. We have a nice relationship all the moms.  Even including the dance teachers. I think sometimes we are a bit too casual but the comraderie is nice. . We started out getting the kids to classes by 7:00 mom trip to Starbucks then  run errands for different moms and then we met the kiddos for dinner, then we went out to lunch, just the grown ups. Then back for competition. One mom and I went to watch a Baseball game and ran into our sons and my husband! The Girl was so happy that Daddy got to come watch at least one dance today!

I am so tired I am falling asleep writing this so I am going to turn in. Tonight the Girl and I have a room at the hotel the convention is being held. She is laying next to me and just drifted off to sleep. The TV is on and I keep finding myself writing the words I hear on TV. Anyway I am going to sleep, more on this tomorrow.