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PrinceToday we lost an entertainment icon, Prince. My first favorite song as a kid was his song “Purple Rain” My parents were never hip to Top 40 or popular music. I tribute that to them being older when I came along. When I heard the news today I got a little teary eyed. As I grew up  I went through every stage of Prince and The Artist Formerly Known As, the symbol, the Superbowl and the list goes on. I think his Superbowl performance in the rain at Superbowl 41 may have been the best ever!

From Little Red Corvette, Let’s Go Crazy, Kiss, Purple Rain, When Dove’s Cry….there are so many more! Prince has transended generations he was popular originally when I was younger than my children’s current ages but in Jr High we had a routine to his song “Kiss” in High School his song “When Dove’s Cry” resurfaced. Prince has been around my whole life. Let’s not forget his song 1999. Who doesn’t love to party like it’s 1999. A network asked him to sing at a Y2K New Years Celebration, he chose to promote one of his favorite bands TLC. Which, at the time,  I was bummed and didn’t get it, why not?! Prince marched to his own beat and really, in the Y2K phenomenon that was, it is a perfectly Prince move! I love that whichever network it was produced the TLC performance instead.

Prince was who I want to be. He was good at what he did. He didn’t go with the flow he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to challenge the norm to get it! My issue and most people my age struggling right now is know what we want and know how to get it. For today sadly in his death Prince has helped me see that even when you go against the ‘norm’ you can get noticed, you can earn a living and you can become famous, even with out a name! On this day we remember Prince and all he did to bring us his music and other people’s music. He has co-wrote, and produced so many great songs and artists, look it up when you run out of Prince songs to listen to, I hope you have it on CD though or you may not find any of his songs, just one of his stands against the norm to help all artists get what they deserve in the modern music world.

Rest In Peace Prince, we will always think of you when we Party like it’s 1999!