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Happy Hump Day! Todays Hump Day Challenge is a tease.


Tease your partner. You know the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? In the same way teasing makes you want it more. (Disclosure, I hate teasing, just give it to me ready!) In all seriousness the tease is so much fun. It gets him more excited when he is more excited his dick gets harder. When she gets more excited she gets drippy. Take the time to tease give just enough for them to beg you for more.

Start off with the right outfit. Great shoes, especially you ladies, what better time than to break out the stripper heals (I’m wearing mine now) work that stripper walk! Slowly take off your clothes lick your lips with those sultry eyes (LL Cool J style) and wink while you open your legs and give him a peep….

I think you can take it from here! Just make sure you finish with that big O!

Go and get your attitude adjustment, Hump Day Style.