Never miss a chance todance

The girl is dancing this weekend. She is in a convention and doing really well, but she is dancing in the back of the room. I think doing well but may not be getting noticed in a huge room full of people! Way too many people. She is a respectful good dancer! She doesn’t like to look too eager but she wants to get noticed and she is not always getting noticed. I am trying to step back and encourage her and not tell her how to be because when I do I feel like she pulls back even more. Why can’t my kid be respectful, and still stand out and put herself where she gets noticed? Answer: because she is my kid and I was just like that! Which is why I was 2nd Princess. I was nice and good enough to be chosen but not stand out enough to be the queen. The queen was more competitive and not necessarily “cut throat” but she was more edgy more in your face and not afraid to say she would be the best at the job. My girl is like me in that. She is better and more talented but she won’t tell you she is better than the girl next to her unless the girl next to her is not around…. Not a bad characteristic and if she doesn’t want to audition for real life jobs it might work out okay for her. I would love to see her learn how to do that better though.

On a side note the boy is at baseball today and he was 2-2 with 4 RBI in the second inning today! Sports are so much easier to be your best because it is not subjective like in dance if you score more points you win. It has nothing to do with someones opinion of you. In baseball you don’t have to get noticed, you just have to do what you do and hit the ball, get outs, touch all the bases and run fast. NO subjectivity until they decide who is the MVP but that doesn’t’ really matter. In dance it is all about who likes you, who sees you and what impression you make. How do I teach her how not to care what people think when she is being judged in her favorite activity for fun. It’s all about what people think!!! I hate that she has to be judged and then that is what she is defined as in her “sport” but honestly after talking to her it doesn’t seem to bother her. I want so badly for her to be noticed and recognized for the great dancer she is. So either she is not that great or she just doesn’t NEED the recognition to feel good about herself. I with I could be more like that!