Too mcuh workI am sitting here outside of the convention center in the sun. The Girl is doing her class auditions for scholarships right now. They always kick the parents out for that. I am sitting in a courtyard of sorts downtown along a marathon course so there are a few runners going by. I love running. I love race day! I usually do a 10k mid May at the Portland Rock and Roll, however they are not doing it this year. No #RocknRollPDX. It is sad. What is more sad is that I have not been running at all. I can’t figure out my schedule to fit in time to run! I have way too much going on, work, house work, grocery shopping hat is not getting done, dance for the girl, baseball for the boy…the list is endless but those are all Excuses!

I love that feeling when running a race as you run by and onlookers cheer and encourage you. The signs that encourage you to be Kenyan or the promise of beer at the end. That sweat looks sexy on you… if you have never ran a long distance race half marathon or so you have no idea but if you have you know exactly what I am talking about. I love the energy of race day! I love training runs especially the long runs along the beach in the sun on days like today! Today is beautiful! It is mid to upper 70s the sun is shining with a nice breeze.

I need to get my work shit figured out. I work too much and don’t make enough. If I can figure out a better contract I can do this. I feel my contract is good for starting out but for me it is not enough. I need to be able to live on less appointments a week. I cannot do more massage I am spent. My body is falling apart. I want time to train and to clean my house and to grocery shop. Don’t normal people have that? Some one please correct me if I am wrong I need to be corrected if I am wrong because right now I am feeling over worked and stressed and can’t do everything! I know there are people who do do it all, so someone please tell me how!!!