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Hello Sex Love And Washing Clothes-ers! The Fam and I are heading south for a baseball tournament. Not sure the Boy can even play, but we are going g to support his team anyway! If he feels good enough and he can open his eye all the way the Urgent Care Doctor said he could play. We’ll see and we’ll play it very cautiously!


Where we are camping at there is a river. I wonder if it will be warm enough to escape and have sex on the river bank? The Hubs and I have been busy and tired and not very adventurous with our sex sessions lately. Maybe at least we can get a walk in this evening and sneak away in the woods for a make out session or something! We just have to ditch the kids and all the other baseball Fams!

I am looking forward to building be relationships with the baseball team families. I really am. I love getting to know knew people and enjoy travelling and especially watch the Boy play! It will be a fun season, I hope!

However, I really would love a weekend away with the Hubs I think I will be looking for some plane tickets or at least a hotel room for the first non baseball or dance weekend that is schedule for mid July! Until then we will do our best to sex it up quietly I the trailer and runaway when we can hide from the kids to kiss make out and feel eachother up!

Here’s to a fun weekend!