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I’m getting my hair done. Sitting in the salon chair “processing”. That’s a big word for letting the color solution change the color of my hair. I am also processing some events of the last few days and some future plans. As I “process” I sit here with hair dryers in the background, and an undertone of conversation there is definitely more to process than my hair!

I have a lot going on right now, between work, kids, husband, life in general. It would be nice to have a day, or just a few hours even, to “process” everything. In real life though you don’t get time to stop and process. But what if we did? Some cultures in Asia they, at least they used to, take time and plan time I to their day to meditate..aka process life.  I have done some meditation and honestky it is as needed in our “American Culture” as much as exercise. I process a lot of my emotions by exercising, chatting with girlfriends and eating chocolate cake but really nothing replaces just standing and breathing in where you are as just being…that’s what meditation really is.

So here is my charge to you: Meditate on where you are, what you are and/or who you are. Turn off the background noise and check in to you! What is not that you need? what is it that you need to know? about you? about how you feel? about who you are?

Basically, where do you stand? Not, where do you think you ‘should’ stand…”where do you stand?”

Once you answer that question, processing may be slightly easier….