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Get ready for a TMI raw sex sort of post! The Hubs and I are on day 3 of wake up morning sex. We had a bit of a crazy Saturday Night lots of laughs with friends and 90’s music. It’s funny when you have certain experiences that make you connect and want to be connected.


We have had two, two a days in a row and are half way there for three…my goal is four, Fuck-it let’s go for it…Maybe we’ll say at least one two-a-day per week. But this week….four or more! A girl has got to set goals! (Having sex makes you want it more, having more sex makes you closer and want more sex…it is an endless cycle, so, have more sex)

Speaking of goals, I need to get back into shape! My birthday is a week from tomorrow. I have been working on getting my ass out of bed earlier, to workout, make the Hubs and kids lunch and breakfast and prep for dinner…all before work!

So here’s to a Goal setting, no a goal reaching mindset! More sex with the Hubs, workout time for me and home cooked meals for the fam! Life is so much better with those three things in place!