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I haven’t wrote since Thursday! It’s Sunday night! I was having crazy head anxiety Thursday. Friday, the Hubs and I had a talk. A talk that started off and sound very similar to fight! But things settled down and we actually had a good talk where we cleared the air and made progress instead of fighting in circles like we used to! (What the fuck changed that? I think we are maturing in our old age.) Anyway it was good to get on the same page and not have lingering issues that didn’t get resolved.


The Hubs was sick last week. He is still not 100%.  I am a bit worried about him. He doesn’t get sick often and it doesn’t normally last. This is stomach stuff. I’ve been feeling frisky and he is feeling too sick to want to even have sex! This is a man who does nothing but think about sex with me. He still is making comments about how he loves my sexy body but climbs into bed lays down and closed his eyes. Sadness. Not only for me and not getting my sexual energy out but for him that he is feeling that bad.

This weekend was a fun chill weekend. We had two baseball games time with friends at their lake house and some family time outside this evening. It’s been a great weekend. My running buddy feels better so she and I finally got together this morning, after almost a week, and got in 5 miles which felt amazing! We are meeting tomorrow AM at 5:30.

So there is a quick synopsis of my normal chill weekend. What did you all do? I hope yours involved more sex than mine but there was a whole lotta love here in the Earl household. And there was even some washing clothes, I caught up and we folded and out away the massive piles of laundry. My countertops are visible now and there is food here for dinners through Tuesday! It was a successful Love and Washing Clothes week, sex was there but not as much as I’d like and not as much as the Hubs would like but he just can’t get past this tummy issue. (I’m making him go to the Dr if it doesn’t clear up in the near future!)

I’m going to snuggle my naked body against his (as long as it’s not too sweaty) and try to sleep. Tame this sexual energy and get some rest for the work week!