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The Girl danced in her 10th spring recital this weekend. The boy’s baseball team took 2nd in their tournament this weekend and at the end of this previous week we celebrated 16 years living in our home that we puchased and 18 years of the Hubs working in the elevator industry. But, we are the young couple who met in Washington State History class in high school.


Life goes quick. It is too fast to not live it to the fullest and to short stay in a spot that you are unhappy! It is too short to worry what other people think! Not enough time to hold back and not try new things. Too short to follow certain rules that some older person set out for you! Stop worrying what other people think. If it feels good, do it. If it makes you smile, it’s okay. If you need that stimulation go ahead and get it. Do what makes you tick. Fuck them all who will judge you!

Do you. Be you. Love who you are. Know what you love. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. If someone tells you THAT is wrong, fuck them too! Be happy, be content! Don’t put yourself down. Do your best always. If your best comes up short, honor your effort and keep trying!

No one can do you better than you!