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It’s Sunday! The Hubs and I went away for the weekend. I stayed home sick with oain from a bladder infection Friday so we even got out a little earlier than planned. We headed south to Portland. It was a fun time and a nice escape. We started the mini 7 day sex challenge Thursday (which was a struggle with a bladder infection) so actually we started it Friday.


We had a great sex-e-scape thus weekend. We did it when we woke up Friday morning at home, before we went out to dinner Friday night, then  in the morning Saturday, before we went out Saturday Night and then when we came home Saturday night after hanging at the clubs, as well as before we left this morning! We went to bed early Friday (weird for vacation but the Hubs worked all night Thursday git home at 4:15am) and I was not feeling well still and had to pee every 5 minutes slept in and got up around 10:30 Saturday. We had a really relaxing weekend! Not super touristy it adventurous but filled with sleep and sex which for us is somehow what we needed!

So now we are heading home north on I-5 we have a baseball party tonight, so I have a dish to make and some shopping to do on the way home for drinks and plates and napkins etc for the party. We are chilling contemplating our life quietly as we drive. Sometimes recently we get to over thinking our life and over analyzing and causing stress. Hopefully we will stop doing that because that is a sorce of stress we don’t need in our life right now.

The Hubs and I are as always working out some kinks in life that cause stress. Since it is summertime we have got to organize life so house cleaning gets done, laundry gets done etc. I have been working so much and have so much other commitments it has been rough around the house lately! Probably way past time to schedule a house cleaner to help out! And to out together a chore chart!

But for now I am going to sit back enjoy the tunes and the ride in the car just relaxing before I have to get home and cook and unpack and get ready for a baseball party! How is everyone doing on the Mini 7 day challenge? I think the Hubs and I have completed it with the amount if times we fucked this weekend but we will continue and today is set up to be another two-a-day!