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Today was day two of a baseball tournament. It was a rough tournament. We didn’t win a game! The Boy’s team lacks kids who are leaders and who have work ethic. No one wants to work hard. They go through motions like major leaguers. You know how they hit a routine base hit and jog to the base, 10 year olds have not earned that right to jog into a single, or to not run when they hit a ball straight to the pitcher. 10 year olds should be running o first base every time they hit the ball. They need to cover their bases and back up from the outfield. It was a hard game to watch and an even harder car ride home.

I struggle with the balance of trying to encourage and support my son and lift his spirits versus trying to call him out on all the stuff that needs to be fixed. They need to focus, they need to play their position cover the base when you’re playing second base. Make a good throw, know the game! 

I just hope the boy knows I love watching him out there. I hate seeing them not put effort in. I hate seeing them give up when things go wrong. They get off track so easily as a team. The boy hit a grounder to short stop with runners on 1st and 2nd at the ens if the game yesterday. He got thrown out for the 2nd out but advanced both runners, the next kid got out no runners scored to end the game. He was so convinced that he lost he game for the team. He was crying and upset, unconsolable, and they had another game right away to play! He was so lost in the negativity in his head In just didn’t know what to do. Confession: I did yell at him after trying o be positive and help encouraging to lift him up, which probably didn’t help! But it as so frustrating to see him all down for absolutely no reason. His team lost but they played alright. The rest of the tournament went the same way. The boy was not as heady and negative. But the team was just ehhh!

Anyway, I want to know how to help here I feel like all I am doing is making it worse. I want them to try at least out effort in cover their bases and run out to start play. Not go out on the field like they are being punished. It supposed to be fun!!!