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Well we made it to the beach! We got off to a late start leaving the house (surprise surprise) then as we stopped for lunch and for cash at the bank The Hubs heard air coming from the tires. Earlier this season he had flat tires one morning when him and The Boy were on a trip for baseball. So we knew it had to be addressed. We did not want to have a blow out or flat on the side of the road so we stopped by Les Schwab and took care of he tires. Nothing $600 wouldn’t fix! 
Luckily we were close to a Wetlands area that has hiking trails and board walks that we took advantage of and went for a 3.5 mile walk around the wetlands. Then we were on our way a couple hours later it only took is about 7 hours to get here and usually takes 1.5-2.

We were met by our neighbor camper who was on his second ‘Margameeta’ he liked watching us set up because we were a young couple and young couples always have cool gadgets! I think it will be a fun week of camping. I love the waves and the sound of the ocean. Can’t wait for our typical yoga and kite flying sessions out on the beach tomorrow!

I love vacation!