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Happy Hump Day from vacationing at the beach! Today’s Hump Day Challenge is inspired by playing cards with the fam tonight! It is a sex card game! You could be vanilla and play strip poker but who wants to be vanilla?! If you have a sex card deck grab it out and follow the rules of play. Since we do not have a sex deck here I had to think up (aka Google) ideas or this. 

So, make a list of 10-13 sex acts that you both are up for (or down for however you like to say it). You can both come together with a list of 7-8 each then eliminate 1-2 from each list to end with 13 or so. Each card Ace-10, Jack, Queen and King will have a designated foreplay act, sexual position or sex act. I suggest making he higher card values harder core acts and the lower card values the warm ups. You could even expand you list to inc if you lack ideas make face cards the same. Of you have a long list of sexual ideas or if you want it to be more difficult or play poker or another game with your lover tonight make your list include pairs, straights, flushes and/or other winning hands for various card games.

Ideas can include: places to kiss for example, kiss partners neck. Positions to fuck or make out in, clothing to take off, anything that ranges from foreplay and leads to orgasm.

Have fun and be loose with it. Don’t be a prude and put some edge a little danger in there tonight. Love on your partner and if he or she is going out of their normal comfort zone, acknowledge it, appreciate it and take it slow. Remember they always have  say if they change their.mind don’t ever force yourself in your partner. If you do that particular sex act may be off the table for good or they may never stretch out of their comfort zone again. It will set you back a long ways in being adventurous with your lover! Have fun take it slow but have fun and get a little kinky tonight! All you need is a list of a deck of cards!

Another simple idea is draw a card and pleasure your lover however they choose for the face value of that card for that amount of time! (This is for you lazy folks who won’t get creative and write a list!

Go fuck, it’s Hump Day!!!