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Hello readers, sorry I have been MIA this last week. July means it is time to get ready for football. This last year I have been working a lot and have been busy so, the Equipment Manager job at PeeWees has kind of taken a back burner. Football starts beginning of August so it’s time to get ramped up and get shit done at the PeeWee clubhouse. I was told that they were going to redo the shelving and be able to get new bins for pants and stuff which never happened. So the pants that I left for until the we got new bins are still in the same place that they were in when they got turned in in November. The club got new shoulder pads that took up most of my living room for about a month then I put about half of them on the racks at the last work party day that was on the same day as opening day of baseball. This weekend we had a work party scheduled and I had a race so I was again not there until the afternoon but still got a bunch done but there is still a lot to do!

love volunteeringVolunteering as Equipment Manager is a big task. I really enjoy it and have a passion for making sure the kids are equipped properly and safely. The job has not been getting enough attention and this year I kind of dropped the ball on a few things. Not that they won’t get done and nothing that is too late to do but working full time has really changed the amount of time I can dedicate to the Equipment Manager roll and needs to be more organized, which I will work on this year so that next year goes smoother than this off season. I will get through it there may be some late nights and long summer days spent in the equipment room instead of outside chilling but it is what it is.

So that is one reason I have not blogged I have been ordering and checking gear and scheduling check out day and sending details to the whole club (that I got wrong) but the info is getting out and we will make it though. I am hoping that we get through it without any more tears and can get our communication squared away so that we are all on the same page but there is always struggles like this as we get closer to the beginning of the season. I am trying really hard to keep it all together and get everything done right. I am bad at asking for help or giving things for others to do to help because I am not the most organized in my head. That is one thing I can work on to help as the season goes on and in the future in all areas not just football.

I am ready for the season to start football is my favorite time of the year, just this lead up to the season part sucks! I am going to try to be more committed to my blog as well as more organized in my whole life. This weekend has been packed and there is so much to write about but for now this is all you get folks. Keep reading this week for details lots went on with Ruby this weekend.