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It’s date night Tuesday! It feels like today has been a long day. It has been a pretty good day. I was productive! I finally got some groceries, notice how I didn’t say “went grocery shopping” but I got some groceries. Then I worked my on-site massage job at the time company, smoked a beer can chicken for dinner then went to PeeWee clubhouse to get some stuff situated. I sorted through some coaches gear today. I work tomorrow and it is gear fitting training day for this year’s football coaches.

I have a lot going on in my head and don’t want to write about it yet! So let me tell you about my weekend, I ran the Warrior Dash! It is an obstacle course race 3.15 miles. I did it with my workout partner. It was a blast! She is much shorter than me and I had to help give her a boost in the Mud Mound obstacle. Then we had to shower each other off which took forever and still didn’t get us completely rinsed off. It just wet my appetite for another race, I don’t care what, a run, a Triathlon, another mud run…I’m in, someone please hook me up with a good one to do! We have one dance moms doing a color run coming up… I have always avoided them because the Hub’s has asthma. Maybe I’ll go. It was a ton of fun to be back on a race course! That feeling of getting the medal put over your head around you neck! So Good!

It’s time for me to go back to chill with the Hub’s it is date night! Good might peeps!